Saturday, March 25, 2006


In today's program I'll tell you an amazing story about something that happened in Bermuda about fifty years ago. A powerful hurricane was approaching the island, so all the people were busy preparing to protect their homes against the strong winds and high waves that were sure to hit. As the storm swept within ten miles of Bermuda's coast, the winds bent the island's palm trees down to the ground. It was such a strong hurricane that destruction on a large scale seemed certain.
Suddenly, the weather forecasters were shocked to find out that there was not one, but two powerful storms approaching the island. In fact, the first hurricane was being followed by an even more powerful one. The island appeared to be doomed.
But then a very strange thing happened. The second storm came so close to the first one that both were thrown off course. The storms changed direction and blew out to sea where they wasted their force on the empty ocean. Glorious weather returned to Bermuda. Unbelievable as it sounds, the island was saved from one hurricane by another.

 話の筋が意外性に満ちたものなので、予断を許さず最後まで聞き取ること。センター試験リスニング問題では最難関。TOEIC600点, 英検2級〜準1級レベルか。

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