Saturday, March 25, 2006


[第3問B]…3問…1分程度の比較的長い対話文を聞いて、問題用紙のタイムテーブルを完成させる問題。3カ所の空所に入る最も適当な内容を選択肢の英語から選ぶ。対話文は学校行事(International Festival)のプログラムをめぐる学生同士の会話であった。
   W:Toshi, what should we do after the opening ceremony ends at 9:30?
   M:Hmm, how about having the music demonstrations in the classroom?
   W:Yeah, but don't you think it'd be better to have the international folk dancing first?      Everybody will be in the auditorium anyway.
   M:That's right. And besides, it'll end by 10:00.
   W:That'll give us two hours until lunch, so people will have enough time to go to the       music demonstrations then.
   M:And then lunch. Do you think we need more than an hour?
   W:Definitely. The food stalls are always crowded. How about two hours?
   M:That sounds about right. So that brings us up to 2:00. How about a couple of hours      for the cultural presentations?
   W:That's OK, but remember, Mr. Cranston wants everything to be over by 4:30, and       we need at least half an hour for the closing ceremony.
   M:And then cleanup, right?


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