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In today's program I'll tell you an amazing story about something that happened in Bermuda about fifty years ago. A powerful hurricane was approaching the island, so all the people were busy preparing to protect their homes against the strong winds and high waves that were sure to hit. As the storm swept within ten miles of Bermuda's coast, the winds bent the island's palm trees down to the ground. It was such a strong hurricane that destruction on a large scale seemed certain.
Suddenly, the weather forecasters were shocked to find out that there was not one, but two powerful storms approaching the island. In fact, the first hurricane was being followed by an even more powerful one. The island appeared to be doomed.
But then a very strange thing happened. The second storm came so close to the first one that both were thrown off course. The storms changed direction and blew out to sea where they wasted their force on the empty ocean. Glorious weather returned to Bermuda. Unbelievable as it sounds, the island was saved from one hurricane by another.

 話の筋が意外性に満ちたものなので、予断を許さず最後まで聞き取ること。センター試験リスニング問題では最難関。TOEIC600点, 英検2級〜準1級レベルか。

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   My speech is about the trip I made to Europe last year. Last summer I decided to visit   my cousin in Holland. There are direct flights to Amsterdam, where she lives, but I   
  wanted to see France and Italy as well, so I caught a plane to Paris. I found a nice hotel in   Paris that I liked very much, so I decided to stay longer and not go to Italy. After a week   of visiting museums and shopping, I caught a train and went directly to Amsterdam. I  
  really enjoyed that train ride!


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[第3問B]…3問…1分程度の比較的長い対話文を聞いて、問題用紙のタイムテーブルを完成させる問題。3カ所の空所に入る最も適当な内容を選択肢の英語から選ぶ。対話文は学校行事(International Festival)のプログラムをめぐる学生同士の会話であった。
   W:Toshi, what should we do after the opening ceremony ends at 9:30?
   M:Hmm, how about having the music demonstrations in the classroom?
   W:Yeah, but don't you think it'd be better to have the international folk dancing first?      Everybody will be in the auditorium anyway.
   M:That's right. And besides, it'll end by 10:00.
   W:That'll give us two hours until lunch, so people will have enough time to go to the       music demonstrations then.
   M:And then lunch. Do you think we need more than an hour?
   W:Definitely. The food stalls are always crowded. How about two hours?
   M:That sounds about right. So that brings us up to 2:00. How about a couple of hours      for the cultural presentations?
   W:That's OK, but remember, Mr. Cranston wants everything to be over by 4:30, and       we need at least half an hour for the closing ceremony.
   M:And then cleanup, right?


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   W:Excuse me, could you help me with the copy machine? I want to copy this.
   M:Hmm, that looks like it's too big. But there is a printing shop two blocks down the      street that can copy it for you..
   W:Thank you. I'll try there.

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   M:You really sing well.
   W:Actually, I'm taking singing lessons.
  M:Oh, really? How often?

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   M:Did the flight arrive on time?
   W:No. It was supposed to arrive at 3:30, but it was an hour late.


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 06 年度のリスニングテストは、以下に示す通り2004年秋実施の試行問題とほぼ同じ問題形式で、25問出題された。何れも問題の英文は2回読まれ、質問文と 選択肢は音声ではなく全て問題冊子に印刷されている。解答時間は30分。概して、易しい問題から難しい問題へと並んでいて、正答率も後に行くほど低くなっ たと思われる。
[計……25問 時間25題×2点=50点 試験時間30分]  (続く)
★2006リスニング音声はココ(YOMIURI ONLINE)

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